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December 22, at AM. IF you were born 7th, 16th, 25th of any month then you are number 7. 8th, 17th, 26th of day dream a lot, you have a very low- self esteem, you need to have a back up for. every move in And from birth you.

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Pallister said he is introducing reforms in the justice and social welfare systems but floundered when it came to real answers. The MMF, led by David Chartrand, is now vowing to do everything in its power to obstruct the power line.

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What could be greener than that? But that was the old way of doing things, paid acquiescence — to pay people to get out of the way, to pay people to hush. But the disharmony closer to home is another story. The six-foot-eight premier can be as amiable as he is prickly. He was lost in the dark, cold and injured after falling in a ravine and suffering a compound fracture of his left arm, until he was discovered by state police. Postmedia is pleased to bring you a new commenting experience.

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Whistleblowers Think They Know Why Canadian Pipelines Are Exploding

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Taurus Season Sun moves into Taurus April 19th 7. Gemini Season Sun moves into Gemini… May 20th 6.

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Cancer Season Sun moves into Cancer… June 20th 2. Virgo Season Sun moves into Virgo… August 22nd 8. Sagittarius Season Sun moves into Sagittarius November 21st Party into the Festive Season…. Politicians instead try to reset the political clock, hoping that by the time the next election comes around, people will have forgotten the things the current government did wrong, the promises that were not kept and the situations made worse by inaction, squabbling or bad judgment. We have a federal election in and a provincial election in Soon, the end of those political calendars will generate a spew of political advertisements, growing nastier and more personal as election days draw closer or as certain parties realize they are falling behind in the polls.

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Politicians need to align their calendars with the ecology of the planet if they want to get my vote next time. Why should I trust my future — or, more particularly, the future of my children and grandchildren — to you and your party?

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In a world in crisis, are you going to mark time and play political games — again — for another term? Or are you committed to doing the heavy lifting on behalf of all Canadians or all Manitobans , regardless of whether they voted for you? Leaders in business and industry seem to have similarly selfish myopia.

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Where is your planning for the future, when your decisions are driven by how much money can be made this quarter, regardless of how it is done? I get that you want to make money or a living, but why does that have to mean you make them at the expense of my health or the health of future generations? Want my business? Think ahead. Go way past looking green, to thinking and working toward a just and sustainable future for all of us.

Mind you, I am only one person.

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But I have friends, and so do you, and real power belongs to the people, and the planet. Read More. Many parents of first graders have sent their kids off to school for the first time, with all the excitement that surrounds that milestone. Whether it is figuring out the complexities of school-supply lists, packing lunches or dealing with early morning wake-up, parents have a lot to handle.

Many readers will not know much, if anything, about these goals. The Agenda for Sustainable Development is not something most families discuss at the dinner table. Yet a lot of people around the world were involved in the largest and most complicated consultation process ever attempted, leading by a kind of consensus to 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the targets that go with them, which were approved by member states of the United Nations including Canada in It is a long list, obviously, a list on which many of the targets — even some goals — seem irrelevant to the perspective most Canadians have on their own lives.

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  7. Drilling down to the targets that lead to these goals, we are not working very hard on target 2. That would require leadership at provincial or federal levels of government in Canada, which has been missing so far. Looking at target 2. We are not doing anything to achieve this target for ourselves, let alone working on it for people in developing countries in the global south. And is also the year that the climate change curves the ones that used to predict catastrophe by now come together. Given the extreme weather and the fires, heat and drought of this past summer, if nothing changes, by we will have run out of forests to burn.